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Allegations That Can Result in a Medical License Suspension in Indiana

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indiana license defense lawyerWhen you look at that medical license you have hanging on the wall in your office, you know the years of dedication it took to obtain it. The education, training, and sacrifices that were necessary to get to where you are today. But that license – and your entire career – is vulnerable to allegations of any kind of wrongdoing. If you have been notified of an investigation by the Medical Licensing Board of Indiana due to accusations or complaints, your medical license could be in jeopardy. The following are some of the most serious acts that can result in an investigation.

Criminal Conviction

If a physician is convicted of a crime, the medical board will usually move to suspend that doctor’s medical license. One of the most common criminal convictions that can result in a temporary medical license suspension is DUI, however, convictions of harassment, stalking, or sexual assault can also result in actions taken against your medical license.

Substance Abuse

Any individual who is abusing alcohol and/or drugs puts themselves and others at risk because of the impact these substances have on their thinking skills, judgment, and mental health. A doctor who has a substance abuse problem could be literally creating a life-or-death situation, putting patients’ lives at risk because of their substance abuse.


Double billing for medical services, billing for services not rendered, and other acts prohibited by the government will not only result in loss of a doctor’s medical license, but often ends up in the criminal courts, as well. There are many physicians convicted of insurance fraud who have ended up serving prison sentences.

Other Types of Infractions

A medical license holder can also face threat of suspension or revocation for acts that are not deemed criminal:

  • Incompetence – When a doctor fails to uphold the medical standards set, putting a patient’s life at risk and/or causing that patient harm, the medical board will likely launch an investigation that could result in some type of punishment.

  • Sexual misconduct – Allegations of any type of intimate relationship considered inappropriate can result in an investigation by the medical board. For example, a doctor who is accused of having an intimate relationship with a patient can lose their license if the board’s investigation finds the allegations to be true.

Contact an Indiana Professional License Attorney for Legal Help

If you have received notification from the Medical Board that you are under investigation, it is imperative to act quickly to defend against any accusations against you. Call The Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan, Inc. at 463-219-2612 to schedule a free and confidential consultation with a skilled Indianapolis medical license defense lawyer and find out what legal options you may have.



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