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Five Reasons a Chiropractor Might Have Their License Suspended

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IN professional license attorneyWith a long history of effectively diagnosing and treating bone, joint, and muscle disorders, chiropractors are often part of someone’s trusted team of healthcare providers. However, like any other health professional, chiropractors can face disciplinary procedures and even criminal charges.

Even if you have never faced disciplinary procedures, it is important to understand what kind of issues could lead to professional sanctions like license revocation, suspension, or probation. If you are already under investigation by the board, make sure you take immediate action to protect yourself with the help of an Indiana professional license defense attorney.

Common Reasons for Chiropractic License Suspension

Many behaviors have the potential to result in professional license discipline for chiropractors in Illinois, including:

  • Criminal acts, such as driving under the influence, embezzlement, sexual assault, theft, fraud, or any other behavior against the law (even if committed exclusively in the context of civilian, non-professional behavior)
  • Medicare, Medicaid, or insurance fraud
  • Gross negligence, such as failing to diagnose serious diseases or injuries, failing to get informed consent, or engaging in dangerous spinal manipulation that results in serious injury
  • Professional misconduct, such as engaging in sexual relationships with a client, abusing colleagues or office staff, and failing to follow established professional codes of conduct
  • Substance use or abuse that negatively impacts the ability to practice safely and professionally

If you are facing disciplinary action for any of the above reasons, it is important to understand that you have the legal right to defend yourself. You can, for example, provide evidence that the allegations against you are not true, or that the damage caused by your actions was unintentional or inevitable. However, investigations typically involve extended periods of gathering data, recording testimony, documenting records, and other difficult procedures. Having an attorney to defend you and assist you in gathering important evidence can make the difference between a favorable outcome and a disciplinary action that impacts your ability to practice your profession.

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