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Can a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Lead to License Discipline?

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Indiana medical license defense lawyerMedical malpractice lawsuits may be pursued by patients who believe they have suffered harm or injury due to a healthcare provider's negligence. These cases can be complex and time-consuming, involving extensive investigation, expert testimony, and legal proceedings. In addition to responding to these claims and defending against accusations of malpractice, doctors or other medical providers may face discipline to their medical licenses. When these cases lead to investigations by the Indiana Medical Licensing Board or other licensing boards, medical professionals will need to understand how to respond. They can do so with the help of an attorney who has experience in professional license defense.

The Role of Professional Licensing Boards

In Indiana, there are several different professional licensing boards that oversee various healthcare professions, including doctors, nursesdentistspharmacists, and more. These boards are responsible for ensuring that licensed professionals meet specific standards of practice and conduct while serving the public. Licensing boards may make decisions about whether to issue or renew a professional’s license, and they may also take disciplinary action against licensees who have failed to meet the proper standards. If a medical malpractice lawsuit is filed against a healthcare provider, this may trigger an investigation into their professional conduct by the respective board.

Investigating Possible Misconduct

When allegations of medical malpractice are brought to their attention, a licensing board may initiate an investigation into possible misconduct by the accused healthcare provider. These investigations are meant to determine whether there has been any violation of professional standards that could warrant disciplinary action.

The investigation process usually involves reviewing relevant documentation from both parties involved in the lawsuit, including patient records provided by hospitals or clinics and evidence submitted by a professional who is defending against allegations of malpractice. Disciplinary hearings may be held in which the provider will be questioned about the allegations and given the opportunity to present mitigating evidence.

Potential Disciplinary Actions

If a licensing board determines that a healthcare provider's conduct has violated professional standards, it has the authority to impose various disciplinary actions. These may include:

  • Reprimand: A formal statement of disapproval may be issued by the licensing board. This usually will not restrict a healthcare provider's ability to continue practicing.
  • Probation: The healthcare provider may be required to meet certain conditions, such as undergoing additional training or supervision during a specified period.
  • Suspension: Temporary restrictions may be imposed on a healthcare provider's ability to practice for a specific period. During this time, they will be unable to see patients or provide any treatment.
  • Revocation: This is the most severe form of discipline, resulting in the permanent loss of a healthcare provider's license. Once a medical license is revoked, it can be extremely difficult for a provider to regain their license, and they may also be prevented from applying for a license in another state.

Contact an Indiana Medical License Defense Lawyer

If you are facing a medical malpractice lawsuit as a licensed healthcare provider in Indiana, it is crucial to seek legal counsel immediately. At The Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan, Inc., our experienced Indianapolis professional license defense attorneys can help you respond to investigations, provide representation in disciplinary hearings, and make sure you take the correct steps to defend against the loss of your medical license. Contact us at 463-219-2612 to set up a free consultation and learn more about how we can help you defend your license.

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