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Professional License Defense Lawyer for Doctors, Nurses, and Pharmacists Serving Indiana

Professional License Defense Lawyer for Doctors, Nurses, and Pharmacists Serving Indiana

Professional License Defense Lawyer for Doctors, Nurses, and Pharmacists Serving Indiana

Indiana Professional License Defense Attorney

Lawyer for DEA Investigations and Disciplinary Action Against Professional Licenses Serving Indiana

People in certain professions, including those in the medical field and those requiring significant education and training, are required to obtain licenses from government organizations in the state where they will be practicing. The Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (PLA) handles matters related to licensing for people who will be working in the state, and different licensing boards oversee license applications, renewals, and disciplinary matters. Professionals who have received complaints or who are accused of committing violations may need to defend against disciplinary action. Fortunately, with the help of an experienced attorney, licensed professionals can respond to investigations and determine how to protect their careers.

The Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan, Inc. provides professional license holders with strong and effective representation in disciplinary cases. We have offices in Indiana and Illinois, and we work with multiple types of professionals to help them avoid penalties and address related issues that may affect them. For a free consultation, contact us at 463-219-2612.

20+ years of providing legal and consultation services within the healthcare field.

Our firm has extensive experience addressing issues related to professional licensing, regulatory compliance, and other matters that affect medical professionals, pharmacies, and healthcare businesses. With our understanding of pharmacy law, disciplinary proceedings, controlled substance laws, board certification, and more, we can ensure that people and organizations will be able to address these issues effectively.

Patrick Michael Callahan Licensed Indiana AttorneyLicensed Indiana Attorney

Patrick Michael Callahan

Attorney Callahan has a strong background in legal issues related to the healthcare field. In addition to a Master of Public Health degree, he earned a certificate in health care law when he graduated from law school.

Patrick provides legal help for individuals and organizations in matters involving medical licenses, other professional licenses, disciplinary matters, investigations by the DEA or the Department of Public Health, and disputes related to hospital and medical staff privileges. He is licensed to practice in Indiana, and he can provide representation before the Professional Licensing Agency or other government agencies.


License Defense in Illinois and Indiana

In addition to working with licensed professionals in Indiana to respond to investigations and disciplinary matters, our firm provides legal help to Illinois clients who need to address licensing issues. We help medical providers and other types of professionals determine the best steps to take to avoid the loss of a professional license, minimize disciplinary action, and address related concerns.


In-Depth Knowledge of Licensing Issues

Attorney Joseph Bogdan has a strong understanding of the legal issues that affect professional licensing cases. He previously served as a prosecutor in license discipline cases, providing him with knowledge of the procedures followed in investigations and disciplinary hearings. This experience helps him provide effective representation to licensed professionals as they defend against disciplinary action and related issues.

Attorney Bogdan can help professionals prepare to defend themselves during investigations by the PLA, including making sure they provide the correct information to investigators. He can also advocate for appropriate disciplinary action to help professionals avoid the suspension or revocation of their license whenever possible.

Experienced Defense of Medical Licenses

As a registered pharmacist with extensive experience in matters related to pharmacy law and other issues that affect medical licenses, Joseph Bogdan can provide strong legal representation for medical professionals who are facing disciplinary action. He can help doctors, nurses, psychologists, dentists, chiropractors, and others who provide treatment to patients or other health-related services understand their best options for protecting against the loss of a medical license or other types of professional licenses. He can assist with a wide variety of issues that could potentially lead to disciplinary action, including malpractice claims, allegations of sexual misconduct or other unprofessional or unethical behavior, arrests or convictions for DUI or other criminal charges, addictions and substance abuse, or other violations of the standards of care.

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Complete Representation for the Licensed Professional

For many professionals, discipline to their license is only the beginning of the issues that may affect their ability to continue working in their chosen field. The suspension or revocation of a professional license can lead to a variety of other consequences, including accreditation allowing a person or business to perform certain types of services. Medical professionals face significant risks following the loss of a medical license, and when other organizations are informed of disciplinary action, they may also take action to restrict a person's ability to provide treatment to patients. Doctors, nurses, or other medical providers may face the loss of hospital privileges. They may also be dropped by insurance companies, and they may lose their certification with medical specialty boards. Our firm can help medical professionals defend against these penalties and address issues that may affect their ongoing careers.

Loss of Medicare/Medicaid Provider Status

Loss of Medicare Medicaid Provider Status

One of the most serious issues that can affect medical professionals who face disciplinary action is the potential loss of provider status with Medicare and Medicaid. To ensure that they can provide treatment for patients who are covered by these programs, doctors or other providers will need to maintain provider status. Issues that lead to discipline, such as unprofessional conduct or criminal convictions, may also cause Medicare or Medicaid to revoke a person's provider status. This status may also be affected by the information uncovered during audits performed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. If an audit finds that a practice has engaged in fraudulent billing practices or has improperly billed Medicare or Medicaid for services provided to patients, their provider status may be revoked. Our firm can help providers address these issues and protect their ability to provide services through Medicare and Medicaid.

DEA Investigations

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) investigates a variety of offenses related to drug trafficking. Medical providers and other professionals who work with controlled substances may learn that they are the subject of a DEA investigation. If the DEA has reason to believe that a person has engaged in drug diversion involving illegal prescriptions or unlawful dispensing of controlled substances, it may choose to suspend a provider's controlled substance registration. This may lead to disciplinary action affecting a person's professional license, and in some cases, a person may also face criminal prosecution for drug crimes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Forms of Disciplinary Action Can the PLA Take?

The Indiana Professional Licensing Agency may temporarily suspend or permanently revoke a person's professional license. It may also choose to place a person on probation, which will subject them to certain terms and conditions. It may also issue fines or reprimands against professional license holders.

How Can a Lawyer Help Me During Disciplinary Proceedings?

An attorney can provide representation throughout every stage of the disciplinary process. Our firm can help professionals respond to requests during PLA investigations, negotiate settlements, advocate on their behalf in disciplinary hearings, and pursue appeals if necessary.

Should I Surrender My DEA Registration?

If DEA agents ask a person to voluntarily surrender their controlled substance registration, this may lead to a variety of other consequences, and applying for a new registration may be difficult. Before agreeing to surrender your registration, you will want to consult with an attorney to determine your options.

How Can I Defend Against the Loss of My DEA Registration?

If the DEA sends an Order to Show Cause, you will need to request an Administrative Hearing where you can contest the suspension or revocation of your controlled substance registration. We can help you file a hearing request and provide representation in a hearing to show why you should be able to keep your registration.

Providing legal and consultation services within the healthcare field



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