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FAQs About DEA Investigations in Indiana

DEA Registration Defense Lawyer Answers Frequently Asked Questions About Drug Diversion Investigations

When the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is in the news, stories will often cover international drug trafficking or other major drug busts. Most people associate the DEA with cases related to "hard drugs" such as cocaine, heroin, or methamphetamines, and they expect the DEA to pursue cases against drug smugglers working for cartels or other criminal organizations. Because of this, a notification that a person is being investigated by the DEA can be very troubling. Since the DEA is concerned with the opioid epidemic and the illegal use of prescription drugs, it may investigate medical professionals who prescribe or dispense controlled substances. People in these situations will likely have many questions about how they can avoid criminal charges or other penalties. The Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan, LLC can provide legal help in these cases and answer any questions that a person may have.

Why Am I Being Investigated by the DEA?

Medical providers may be subject to regular audits and inspections, and DEA agents may review their records to ensure that they are following the correct procedures when working with controlled substances. However, there are some cases where the DEA may investigate a provider based on claims that they have engaged in drug diversion or drug trafficking. A DEA investigation of a doctor may look at their prescribing practices, and activities such as writing a large number of prescriptions for controlled substances at high doses may be seen as suspicious. A DEA investigation of a pharmacy may look at issues such as improper storage of controlled substances, poor security that has resulted in the theft of drugs, or claims that a pharmacist dispensed drugs to people who did not have a valid prescription. If, based on the results of an investigation, the DEA determines that a provider has committed drug diversion or other violations, it may take action that could result in the loss of a person's controlled substance registration.

Should I Surrender My DEA Registration?

During or after an investigation, DEA agents may contact a person and request that they voluntarily surrender their controlled substance registration. In these situations, agents may state that they have evidence that the person has committed violations, but by surrendering their registration, the person will be able to avoid further consequences, such as criminal charges for unlawful prescribing or dispensing controlled substances. This can be a very intimidating situation, and it may seem like a person has no other choice but to comply with the DEA's requests. However, if a person gives up their DEA registration, they may face other consequences that may affect a their medical license and their ability to provide treatment for patients. It is a good idea to consult with an attorney before surrendering your license to determine whether you can pursue other options for defending your DEA registration.

How Can I Defend Against the Loss of My DEA Registration?

Depending on the results of an investigation, the DEA may take a number of actions against a person's controlled substance registration, including pursuing a suspension or revocation or refusing to renew a registration when it expires. If the DEA believes that a person should no longer be able to prescribe or dispense controlled substances, an Order to Show Cause may be issued informing a person that their registration will be suspended or revoked. A person may request an administrative hearing, and at this hearing, they will be able to provide evidence to address the DEA's claims and make arguments showing that they have addressed any issues uncovered during an investigation and will comply with all applicable laws in the future. An attorney can help prepare for an administrative hearing and advocate on a person's behalf to help them avoid the loss of their DEA registration.

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