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Indiana DEA Defense Attorney

Indiana DEA investigation attorney for prescribing or dispensing controlled substances

Lawyer Assisting With DEA Investigations Involving Controlled Substances, Drug Diversion, and Drug Trafficking

The United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) regulates the use of controlled substances. While there are a variety of drugs in this category that may be used for legitimate medical purposes, providers are required to follow certain procedures when prescribing, dispensing, or administering these medications. Because certain drugs, including opioid painkillers, have a high risk of addiction and abuse, medical providers may face scrutiny based on the ways they use these drugs, and they could be subject to multiple different types of penalties. When the DEA performs an investigation or takes other actions, a provider will need to determine the steps they can take to avoid penalties that may affect their practice and their career.

At the Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan, LLC, we understand the seriousness of accusations that a provider has used controlled substances improperly, and we know how this may affect a person's practice, their professional license, their reputation, and even their freedom. Strong and effective legal representation can be crucial in matters involving the DEA, and our firm can help professionals determine their best options for responding to requests for information or documents, claims that they have violated drug laws, or disciplinary action that may affect their licenses or other aspects of their practice.

DEA Investigations of Different Types of Medical Professionals

Medical providers and other professionals who prescribe, dispense, or use controlled substances are required to maintain a registration with the DEA. If the DEA believes that a person has committed violations related to controlled substances, it may take action to suspend or revoke a controlled substance registration. The DEA is required to follow certain procedures in these cases, and it will typically perform an investigation to look into claims that a provider has improperly prescribed or dispensed controlled substances.

DEA investigations are usually focused on determining whether drug diversion has occurred. Drug diversion may include any cases in which controlled substances were used for non-medical purposes. In some cases, a provider may be investigated based on claims that they failed to follow the correct practices when prescribing or dispensing drugs to patients. If a person did not properly consult with patients, advise them of the risks of using certain drugs and alternative forms of treatment that may be available, and take steps to prevent drug abuse, they may be subject to penalties.

However, in many cases, the DEA will be looking to uncover more serious violations involving drug trafficking. A provider may be accused of writing prescriptions for patients without performing the proper examinations, issuing large numbers of prescriptions to patients, prescribing drugs at unnecessarily high doses, or otherwise prescribing controlled substances for the purpose of allowing them to be sold or distributed outside of legitimate medical channels. Drug trafficking may also involve unlawful dispensing of controlled substances, or a provider may be investigated for lax security practices, failure to properly dispose of drugs, or other issues that allowed controlled substances to be stolen or misused.

Our firm provides representation in multiple types of cases related to controlled substances, including:

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Medical professionals and others who use controlled substances may be uncertain about how to proceed when they have been contacted by the DEA or informed that they may face discipline to their controlled substance registration. Our firm can provide representation during DEA inspections, audits, or other investigations, and we can make sure a provider takes the proper steps to avoid criminal charges or other penalties. To learn how we can help you address matters related to the DEA or other issues that may affect your professional license and your practice, contact us and set up a free consultation by calling 463-219-2612.

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