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Indiana DEA Dentist Investigation Lawyer

Indiana DEA defense lawyer for dentists

Attorney Assisting With DEA Inspections of Dentists and Dental Practices

There are multiple different types of professionals who regularly work with controlled substances, and there are a variety of situations where these providers may face investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Even though dentists may not receive as much scrutiny as doctors or pharmacies, they may still need to address issues related to how they have prescribed drugs or used controlled substances in their practice. The DEA may perform routine audits of dental practices, or it may investigate a dentist based on suspicion that they have engaged in drug diversion or drug trafficking. Depending on the results of an investigation, the DEA may decide to suspend or revoke a person's controlled substance registration. A dentist may face other penalties as well, such as disciplinary action against their dental license or even criminal prosecution.

In cases where the DEA performs an inspection, notifies a dentist of issues that may affect their controlled substance registration, or takes other actions that may impact a dental practice, legal representation from a skilled attorney can be crucial. The Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan, Inc. can advise dentists on how to proceed in these cases, and we can make sure they take the right steps to protect their rights and avoid criminal charges or penalties affecting their DEA registration or professional license.

DEA Dentist Audits and Inspections

Dental practices may use controlled substances in multiple ways when providing treatment to patients. Dentists or oral surgeons may administer sedatives when performing certain procedures, including both local anesthetics that numb pain and light conscious sedation or general anesthesia that will put patients partially or fully to sleep. Dentist offices will need to maintain an inventory of certain types of drugs, and they are required to follow proper procedures when ordering, storing, administering, and disposing of controlled substances. To address the pain experienced by patients following a procedure, dentists may also prescribe medications, including opioid painkillers.

The DEA may perform regular inspections of a dental practice, or it may investigate a dentist based on suspicions of drug diversion or other illegal uses of controlled substances. Issues that DEA agents may review in an inspection or investigation include:

  • A practice's use of controlled substances when performing dental procedures, including ensuring that drugs were administered at the right doses and that patients were advised of the risks that may affect them and the steps they can take to protect their health and safety.
  • A practice's procedures for ordering, storing, and disposing of controlled substances. DEA agents may review a practice's security measures to ensure that it has taken steps to prevent the theft or misuse of drugs. The DEA may also review a practice's records to ensure that its inventory of drugs and disposal of expired medications have been properly documented.
  • A dentist's history of issuing prescriptions for opioids or other controlled substances. The DEA may look at whether certain types of drugs were prescribed outside of the scope of a person's normal dental practice, whether prescriptions were issued to people without a documented provider/patient relationship, or whether prescriptions were issued when they were not medically necessary.

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A DEA investigation of a dentist or dental practice may lead to a variety of issues that could affect a person's ability to continue practicing. If a dentist is accused of drug diversion, they could face a variety of serious penalties, up to and including criminal prosecution. To determine the best ways to respond to an investigation or other issues related to the DEA, dentists will need to secure representation from a lawyer who is experienced in these matters. At The Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan, Inc., we can help dentists address issues that may affect their DEA registration, their dental license, and their practice. Contact us today and arrange a free consultation by calling 463-219-2612.

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