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Indiana Professional License Defense Lawyer

Indiana professional license defense attorney

Attorney Helping Defend Against Disciplinary Action by the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency

There are a wide variety of occupations that require a person to obtain a professional license. For those who have worked hard to pursue the necessary education, gain relevant experience, and establish themselves in their field, potential threats to their professional licenses can be very serious. Licensing boards may take disciplinary action against a professional for a number of reasons, including complaints that a person has engaged in unethical or unprofessional conduct, performing services that are outside the scope of a license, and certain types of criminal convictions. Professionals who are being investigated or who are involved in disciplinary proceedings can determine their best options for protecting their licenses by working with an attorney who has experience in these types of cases.

The Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan, LLC provides strong and effective representation for licensed professionals who are facing discipline. We have experience addressing cases involving the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (PLA), and we understand the rules and procedures that are followed during disciplinary proceedings. We can help you address complaints and answer questions and respond to requests for information during an investigation. We can also provide legal representation in disciplinary hearings to help you achieve an outcome that will allow you to continue working in your chosen career.

Representation for Multiple Types of Licensed Professionals

There are multiple licensing boards within the PLA, and these boards address license application procedures, standards that apply to different professions, and disciplinary action against professionals who have committed violations. Our firm has experience working with different licensing boards and government agencies, and we understand the best ways that professionals can defend against discipline. We provide representation for:

Types of Disciplinary Action That May Be Taken by the PLA

After performing an investigation and holding a disciplinary hearing, a licensing board or other agencies may impose one or more forms of discipline against a person's professional license, including:

  • Suspension - A summary suspension of 90 days may be imposed if a board determines that a professional presents an immediate danger to public safety and health. Other types of suspensions may be issued for an indefinite period while specifying the minimum amount of time before a person will be able to apply for reinstatement of their license.
  • Revocation - If a person's professional license is permanently revoked, they will be prohibited from applying for a new license for seven years after the date of revocation.
  • Probation - A professional may be permitted to continue practicing while under restrictions, such as only being permitted to perform certain types of services. They may also be required to meet requirements such as performing community service, paying restitution, or receiving remedial education.
  • Fines - A person may be required to make monetary payments to a licensing board or other divisions of the PLA, and the amount of these fines may vary depending on the severity of their alleged violations.
  • Reprimand or censure - A reprimand is an official record of discipline, while censure is an expression of disapproval by a licensing board. These records will not affect a person's ability to continue practicing, but they may be visible to the public and have an impact on a person's professional reputation.

Contact Our Indiana Professional License Discipline Attorney

If you need to respond to complaints or defend against disciplinary action by the PLA or a licensing board, the Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan, LLC can help you take steps to defend your professional license. We will work to minimize the penalties that you may face and make sure you can continue providing professional services. Contact our office today and arrange a complimentary consultation by calling 463-219-2612.

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