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Indiana DEA Pharmacy Investigation Attorney

Indiana DEA registration defense attorney for pharmacies and pharmacists

Lawyer for DEA Pharmacy Audits, Inspections, and Other Issues Related to Controlled Substances

Addiction to opioids and other drugs is an issue that has affected many people throughout the United States in recent years. Because of ongoing concerns about drug abuse and deaths from overdoses, medical providers who work with controlled substances have been placed under a great deal of scrutiny. Since pharmacies play a key role in providing drugs to patients by filling prescriptions, they are subject to regular audits by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). In some cases, pharmacies may be investigated based on their patterns of dispensing controlled substances or other issues that may indicate that they are participating in drug trafficking. In these situations, pharmacy owners, pharmacists, and other employees will need to determine how to respond to an investigation and how to prevent or minimize the penalties they may face.

The Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan, LLC works with pharmacies to respond to queries from the DEA and protect their rights during audits or investigations. We understand what DEA agents will be looking for in these situations, and we can help pharmacies demonstrate that they have complied with all applicable laws and regulations related to controlled substances. As a registered pharmacist who regularly consults with pharmacies to address legal and regulatory issues, Attorney Joseph Bogdan can ensure that pharmacists and others who are involved in DEA investigations will be able to resolve these matters effectively. In addition to addressing DEA issues, we can also help defend against discipline to pharmacist licenses and other related concerns.

DEA Pharmacy Inspections and Unlawful Dispensing of Controlled Substances

The DEA may perform routine audits of pharmacy records or inspections of a pharmacy to ensure that it is following the correct practices when working with controlled substances. Typically, the DEA will be looking to uncover any instances of drug diversion in which controlled substances are dispensed to patients illegally. Drug diversion may include a variety of different types of violations, ranging from allowing individual patients to use controlled substances for non-medical purposes to participating in a large-scale drug trafficking ring.

There are a variety of actions that pharmacists may take that may be considered unlawful dispensing of controlled substances. Providing medications to patients without a valid prescription is a significant violation, and it may include filling prescriptions that are known to be fraudulent or failing to verify prescriptions that may have been altered after being written or are otherwise suspicious. Pharmacists may also be accused of drug diversion if they failed to verify patients' identities before filling prescriptions, failed to properly consult with patients who exhibited signs of drug abuse, or failed to report prescriptions that appeared to be fraudulent or illegitimate.

If the DEA chooses to perform an audit or inspection of a pharmacy, it must obtain informed consent from the person who holds a controlled substance registration. Before consenting to an inspection, a pharmacist or pharmacy owner may want to consult with an attorney to ensure they understand their rights, the types of information they may need to turn over, and the questions that they should or should not answer. If a pharmacy does not consent to an audit or inspection, the DEA may pursue an administrative search warrant that will allow it to obtain certain types of information. During an investigation, the DEA may look at a pharmacy's ordering and inventory records, the security measures in place to prevent the theft of controlled substances, its practices for transferring and disposing of drugs, and its procedures for verifying the validity of prescriptions.

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When the DEA performs an audit, inspection, or investigation, it will be looking for potential violations, and the information agents uncover may lead the DEA to suspend or revoke a pharmacy's controlled substance registration or take other actions. We can ensure that pharmacies are prepared for DEA audits, and we can help them take the correct steps to protect themselves and defend against potential penalties. Contact our firm today by calling 463-219-2612 and scheduling a free consultation.

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