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We call it the walk of shame.

I have made glib, nervous jokes when I have witnessed fellow nurses walked out of the facility where we worked together. It has been my experience that at least half of these nurses probably did not deserve the blow. Careers tarnished or destroyed? Yes, I have seen it happen. All nurses have. I never thought it could happen to me.

It did happen. An investigator from the State of Illinois called me one morning. My career, my ability to provide for my family and my peace of mind were under attack. The reasons are incidental in that moment. This person was not my friend. There were several valid explanations that I was able to offer in my defense. The investigator was relentless. Thinly veiled accusations were being cast about as bait designed to assist the state in its assault on my name and reputation.

I knew I was in deep trouble, so was my wife, my three children and my only grandchild. We needed help.

There was a vague memory of a story I overheard between some coworkers, one of whom had gotten a favorable judgement in her own battle against the state. I cannot remember her name but the name of the attorney who represented her stuck with me.

It was Joseph Bogdan.

Our first conversation began a little bumpy. I wanted him to understand how essential it was to my family that we have a good outcome. Mr. Bogdan was clear about what he could and could not do. When I pressed him too hard, he gave me a glimpse of his will, presenting a commanding presence while remaining understanding, calm and reassuring.

Joseph Bogdan understands being an old dog in nursing faced with the new tricks presented in our modern culture of grievances, self-indulgence, and finger-pointing. He helped me to see that the sky was not falling. I was feeling overwhelmed by this situation, but he helped me to relax when he explained that for someone with his experience this is a routine grounder. He understood how I felt, and I felt important to him.

My family is off the hook. None of it ended up sticking to my nursing license. I could not be happier that this weight has been lifted. If you suddenly find your career on the line, remember this: The Law Office of Joseph Bogdan comes highly recommended by this nurse. He protected my livelihood and gave me back my peace of mind.

- Anonymous

"I am a Medical Resident and hired Jay Bogdan for legal assistance in defending my medical license and legal representation when going in front of the Illinois Department of Professional and Financial Regulation.

The services provided were very professional and tailored to meet my individual needs, both in terms of my specific circumstance and the outcome I was seeking when meeting with IDFPR. The ancillary staff that I interacted with was very professional, accommodating, and friendly. Jay was extremely mindful, engaged, and prepared during our meeting with IDFPR, which helped alleviate the stressful nature of a very anxiety-provoking situation.

I chose to retain legal representation and guidance because I felt it in my best interest to go in front of the board with legal assistance and I was fearful of having my medical license suspended. I had never received disciplinary action prior to this and felt under-prepared to go before IDFPR by myself. Jay helped prepare me for my meeting with IDFPR by explaining to me what to expect, how the legal proceedings go once the meeting begins, and assisted me during the meeting when answering questions asked about my situation. He also explained to me the terms of my contract once a determination was made and approved, which was very helpful. Seeking legal representation with Jay, in my case, was the best decision I could have made. Jay has a great deal of experience with IDFPR and is well-known and well-liked by the board members, which helped alleviate my fear going into the disciplinary conference and ultimately assisted me in obtaining the most favorable outcome."

- K.H.

"I am a CRNA and sought professional legal help from Mr. Bogdan upon learning that I was facing a potential license suspension. Though I self-reported and sought treatment, I had violated a previous agreement with IDFPR and it was just a matter of time before my license would be suspended. Jay was very understanding of my position, and seemed to genuinely care and want to help. At first I decided to just let things happen on their own, as I was told by others that I didn’t have a chance. However, Jay followed up with ME and suggested I at least let him give it a shot. Had he not, I don’t even want to think about where I would be right now. Well, to make a long story short, I was given probation instead of suspension and thus am able to continue to do the job I love and am doing great! Thanks Jay!"

- Satisfied Client

"It was our great pleasure & success working with Mr Bogdan and his team. Throughout the time we noticed that they were great professionals to work with, to the point writing an appeal that lead to our success. We wish him good luck and success in years to come. Thanks."

- H. Desai, Castle Hill Community Pharmacy, BX, NY

"I was given Mr. Bogdan phone number by Georgia pharmacy association and I am glad I did. He helped me overcome a financial burden that was being placed on me unfair by a pharmacy wholesaler."

- C. Clements

Please Note: Attorneys Joseph Bogdan and Amanda Gray are only licensed to practice in Illinois.

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