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Indiana DEA Nurse Investigation Lawyer

Indiana nurse drug diversion defense lawyer

Attorney Helping Nurses Address Claims of Drug Trafficking or Drug Diversion

Nurses play a key role in the medical system, and they work directly with patients to provide multiple forms of care, including observing and documenting symptoms, administering medications, and ensuring that the correct treatments are provided. However, nursing can be a stressful occupation, and some nurses may struggle with drug abuse. In some cases, nurses may take advantage of their access to controlled substances and use these drugs for their own purposes, or they may engage in drug trafficking by allowing controlled substances to be distributed to others. Because of the risks of drug abuse and drug diversion, nurses may be accused of misusing or mishandling controlled substances, and they may face investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), which could lead to multiple types of penalties.

Accusations of drug diversion can have a significant impact on a nurse's career. If a nurse has a controlled substance registration, the DEA may choose to suspend or revoke their ability to work with these types of drugs. A person may also face discipline to their nursing license, which could prevent them from providing medical care to patients and maintaining employment. At the Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan, LLC, we work with nurses to address DEA-related issues and help them avoid or minimize the penalties they may face. We can assist with DEA investigations, license discipline hearings, and other matters that may have a negative impact on a nurse's career.

Accusations of Drug Diversion by Nurses

There are a variety of ways that nurses may engage in drug diversion. Nurses who plan to use drugs for their own purposes, such as to further an addiction, may fail to properly dispose of drugs and keep the wasted portions of medications to use for themselves. They may also administer substitute substances to patients, such as by injecting a person with saline and keeping the actual dose of a medication for personal use. In some cases, nurses who have access to controlled substances stored at a doctor's office, hospital, or other medical practice may steal medications, or they may create false orders or prescriptions.

While misuse of medications and abuse of drugs is a concern that can affect the safety of a nurse, the patients of a medical practice, and other personnel, these issues may not always be addressed by the DEA. Typically, federal officials will be concerned with drug trafficking and cases where medical providers allow controlled substances to be distributed and used illegally. Some of the methods described above may be used by nurses to gain access to controlled substances and sell or distribute them to other people. These actions may be committed as part of a large-scale drug conspiracy in which one or more nurses steal medications, gain access to doses of controlled substances, or create unlawful prescriptions.

If the DEA investigates a nurse based on accusations of drug diversion, it may look at their employment records, the practices followed at a medical office, and other evidence that may indicate that they have engaged in illegal acts related to controlled substances. For nurses who are authorized to write prescriptions, the DEA may take action to suspend or revoke their controlled substance registration. It may also recommend that criminal charges of drug trafficking or related offenses be pursued against a nurse.

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