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Indiana Surgeon’s Medical License Suspended

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IN license lawyerAt the end of January, an Indiana bariatric and general surgeon found himself in a nightmare scenario: Someone submitted a petition to the Indiana Medical Licensing Board calling the surgeon’s competency in practicing medicine so lacking that he was a clear, urgent danger to the public. Just a few days later, the surgeon found himself, with the help of his attorneys, testifying in his own defense in an investigation into some of his practices, including performing surgery in an office that is not a certified outpatient surgical center.

The petition followed an investigation from the previous year, in which investigative journalists discovered that the surgeon had over a dozen malpractice claims against him. Just a month after the investigation went public, a patient of the surgeon died after a bowel puncture from liposuction the surgeon performed became septic. Despite the surgeon’s protestations, his license was suspended for at least 90 days, during which the board will conduct an extensive review and, in April, again suspend the license or revoke it altogether.

Why Are Medical Licenses Suspended?

Licenses to practice medicine of any kind can be suspended or revoked for many reasons. In the case of this surgeon, the suspension follows years of allegations of misconduct, including improper anesthesia administration, infections following surgery, and two patient deaths. Other reasons that a license could be suspended include, but are not limited to:

  • Professional misconduct
  • Criminal activity
  • Improper patient relationships
  • Sexual harassment
  • Drug or alcohol abuse or misuse
  • Overprescribing drugs
  • Financial fraud
  • Racial discrimination

A medical practitioner’s conduct may be investigated after patient complaints, healthcare facility complaints, or even complaints from outside individuals (for example, if a doctor got into a car accident that hurt someone because he was too drunk to drive).

During a medical board investigation, the practitioner will have a chance to defend himself with the help of an attorney or team of attorneys. He may face a variety of consequences, such as being ordered to be put on probation, undergo treatment or evaluation, complete additional training or education, or only work under another practitioner’s supervision. Hearings can be complicated and difficult to prepare for, and one misstep can mean a devastating outcome. Having an attorney can make a significant difference in the outcome of a case.

Meet with an Indiana Professional License Defense Lawyer

The consequences of having your medical license suspended or revoked are swift and severe. In addition to the harm done to your professional and personal reputation, your ability to support yourself and your family could be temporary or permanently lost. To get help defending yourself against any allegations of misbehavior, contact an Indiana professional license defense attorney with The Law Offices of Joseph J. Bogdan, Inc. at 463-219-2612. We provide free consultations so we can learn more about you and your case and you can learn more about how we may be able to help.




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